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Summary Data
Earliest_Latest__ # Obs. Only 10% on or before...Median (50% earlier and 50% later)Only 10% on or after...
Deciduous, i.e., CarolinianJan 1Dec 26    96,825May 24July 17Sept 18
Great Lakes - St. LawrenceJan 18Dec 6   239,267May 24July 7Aug 28
Boreal - Predominantly ForestMar 6Dec 6     9,321June 3June 28Aug 8
Boreal - Forest and BarrenApr 13Oct 11     2,465June 21July 22Aug 26
All OntarioJan 1Dec 26   347,879May 24July 9 0
Note: the square is ; the county is (); and the forest region is . The county area is the county and all counties bordering on it. Forest regions are defined by Rowe (1972 -- pdf).

Map of 4 Forest Regions